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Construction lead generator

the breakdown

Construct-A-Lead is a commercial construction lead-generation platform. They were looking to redesign their website; it had not been updated in four years, which was costing them potential business. Their goals were to streamline their product, add new features their user base had requested, and refresh their UI to make it more user-friendly.

We came alongside and broke the website down into modules based on functionality, which had been previously muddled into a single UI. The modules included Project Search, My Projects, Directory, My Contacts, Notes, News, and Alerts. After the modules and functionality were finalized, we created a visual system that could be applied to all the modules, while being flexible enough to accomodate the unique functions of each module. We chose web-friendly fonts that could be used dynamically and were budget friendly.

We redesigned the overall look and feel of the brand into a more contemporary flat look. Construct-A-Lead also wanted their logo, ‘Hank’, to be updated and modernized. We decided to go with an illustrative approach to keep the playfulness aspect of their old branding material, while incoporating the look and feel of the new visual system.

There were multiple challenges in the redesign process. The old site had multiple redundant functions that were either unused or obsolete due to advances in technology. We had to weed out all these functions and in some instances rethink some modules to be more efficient with the database structure.

Construct-A-Lead was built as a Single Page Application in Vue.js using the Laravel framework as a foundation.

Client: Construct-A-Lead

Project: Website Redesign

Completed: 2017

Once the users have selected the 3 fields, the flyer can input a ticket price and then select a route. The route input field is dynamic and filters results as the user types. UXM created a custom token field kit to create a seamless input field that recognizes cities and airport codes. The token field kit is available on Github (you’re welcome).

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