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Household App - All-In-One Sales Tool

Client Culligan Project Household App Role App Design & Development Completed 2015


Culligan works to provide better water for our customers in their homes, offices, restaurants, and industrial facilities around the world. Our complete line of water softeners, water filtration systems, commercial and industrial water treatment solutions, drinking water systems, whole-house filtration systems and bottled water delivery set the standard in the water treatment industry.

The Need

The Culligan brand, a home and water treatment business, is comprised of 3 business units: Residential, Commercial and Service Tech. Each of the units contain field personnel who need presentation and technical support materials unique to their unit. This required an average of 80 lbs of paper documentation to be carried by their teams. Every time materials were updated, new materials were shipped in hard copy. They needed a new solution to meet the increasing demand for up-to-date resources and tools.

Color Palette
Colors are used to create relationships with certain actions and modules.

The Solution

To meet the multi-faceted needs of Culligan, UXM created an app that streamlined marketing materials and sales tools for three departments. The app included an interactive water solution calculator, a customizeable sales presentation tool with an integrated web portal backend, and a resource library.

App Module
The app condenses 80 lbs of print material into one app separated into 3 modules.

The Presentations module, allowed for users to create custom slide decks based on their client’s needs. This was done through an app function that displayed all available slides separated by presentations. To add or subtract a slide the user simply toggles a button next to the slide name. The slides are managed by a web portal where users can upload slides and setup custom hostpots. Hotspots can prompt videos, pop-ups, or take the user to an additonal slide.

Hotspots Hotspots within the presentation allows for actions to be performed, such as playing a video, pop-ups, or slide transition.

The Solutions Center Module gives the user the ability to diagnose bad water why by various symptoms that relate to touch, taste, smell, look, and contaminant. Once the user selects one or more of the symptoms various solutions are provided. Deselecting/selecting other symptoms changes the results of the solutions. Users can also tap on the solutions to learn more about that specific water treament method.

Solutions Center Users can diagnose their water condition by various cactegorized symptoms. Solutions are provided along with detailed descriptions based on the symptoms selected.

The Resource Library module provides the user with various documents related to Culligan’s products and water solutions. The user can sort through the documents by category and download specific documents needed from the cloud. Documents can also be added or taken away from the web portal.

To enhance the app, UXM integrated annotation tools that gives the user the ability to mark up the training manuals. The tools include text boxes, highlighter, pencil, and zoom. All annotations are automatically saved. To achieve this UXM had to build its own PDF reader from scratch. It is availabe for download on Github (you’re welcome).

UXM PDF Kit Download our pdf kit for free! This kit includes a pdf reader and several annotation tools.

The app can push updated information to the app which allows for all users to have the most recent information. This reduced printing costs for Culligan and made it more efficient for personnel to have the most up-to-date information for their teams. The app made for more effective sales pitches and accurate information for Culligan clients.

Web Portal
The web portal allows admins to add slides and resources to the library. The portal also allows for hotspots to be added.

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